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I've seen many things, many marvellous wonders

Things I can't explain or even understand

Many mysteries, undiscovered histories

That I don't know but You have seen

When I think of how awesome You really are

I want to draw near

And stay to look into the many truths that I have found in You

Can I get to know you?


I wanna know You Lord

Better than I did before

Spend time a little more 

I wanna get to know You


Little me in a big, wide world

Trying to find my way through the day to day

I can't see all that's ahead of me but

You've been and seen before

In all Your wisdom You're the one who plans each day

And directs my every move

Your every word like daily food

I only live through You

I'll want more and more and more of Yo


J S Lynch, T Lynch

Lead Vocal - Tula Lynch

Backing Vocals - V9 Collective

Keyboards - Emmanuel Waldron

Synth - Nicky Brown

Bass Guitar - J.Samuel Lynch

Guitars - Michael 'The Prophet' Brown

Percussions - Robert 'Skins' Anderson

Drum Programming - J.Samuel Lynch

Vocal Arrangements - T Lynch, J S Lynch

Musical Arrangements J S Lynch

Recorded at 8th Tone Recording Studios

Engineered By J.Samuel Lynch

Mixed By J.Samuel Lynch

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