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People get so used to lying, now that's the truth

Choosing the easy thing to say

Mama said "choose honesty", now that's no lie

Cos the truth is always the better way



Don't you know that the truth will set you free?

What God wants from you is integrity

Mama said "child always tell the truth"

Gotta be real, gotta stay true to you


Imagine life with only transparency

Where I can see the real you and you can see me

(You can see the real me)

We'd all come together in true unity

And live how God wants us to be


J S Lynch, V Lynch, T Lynch

Lead Vocals - Vernetta Lynch

Backing Vocals - V9 Collective

Bass Guitar - J.Samuel Lynch

Guitars - Curtis Cumberbatch

Hammond B3 Organ - Ayo Oyerinde

Synths - J.Samuel Lynch

Drums - Courtney Daniel

Percussions -  Karlos Edwards

Vocal Arrangements - V Lynch, T Lynch, J S Lynch

Musical Arrangements - J S Lynch

Recorded at 8th Tone Recording Studios & Brookdale Studios

Engineered By J.Samuel Lynch & Ayo Oyerinde

Mixed By Nathaniel Ledwidge

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