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It turns out He’s so in love with me

Showed me more love than I’ve ever seen

When He’s near to me I feel so secure

Coz all Gods promises are sure

He’s always the perfect gentleman

Gives me the strength when I can’t stand

He has a plan for me, He directs my feet

He keeps making ways for me



Just can’t do without Him

Everything about Him

I can’t live without Him

He’s more than just a friend

Everything I’m needing

More than breath I’m breathing

It’s His love I’m feeling

More than just a friend



He takes my hand and leads me through

When doubts arise He is the truth

When I’m all alone He’s my company

When I’m lost He rescues me

He makes me feel so special 

Reminds me that I am beautiful

And I won’t forget, coz He’s that kind of friend

And His love it knows no end



More than just a friend to me

Everything I’ll ever need

He’s just like the air I breathe

More than just a friend to me


J S Lynch, V Lynch, T Lynch, S Meade

Lead Vocals - Semele Meade, Tula Lynch

Backing Vocals - V9 Collective

Keyboards - Emmanuel Waldron

Bell & Synths - Marcus Johnson

Bass Guitar - J.Samuel Lynch

Guitars - Ryan Haberfield

Drum Programming - J.Samuel Lynch

Vocal Arrangements - T Lynch, V Lynch, S Meade

Musical Arrangements - J S Lynch

Recorded at 8th Tone Recording Studios

Engineered By J.Samuel Lynch

Mixed By Nathaniel Ledwidge

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