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No matter what, I will love You because You first loved me

Living each day my eyes are open, now I can truly see

That giving my life to You was the best thing that I could ever do

I give to You my all

Things in my life get crazy, life can be so unkind

But that's when You show me that You're faithful and give me peace of mind

Now troubles do not phase me, I lay them at Your feet

I surrender all


You lead me I'll follow

You say stay, I won't go

I look to You in everything I do

Your will, not mine

I will wait


Your word is life to me, You are my daily bread

As I get to know You more each day I must confess

As my love for You grows stronger I do not regret

Giving you my all

I know I must be ready when You call for me

Living a life that's pleasing, that's how it's got to be

I know You love me regardless forever eternally

Because You gave Your all



There are times I want to do my own thing

And do things my own way

Then I realise

Lord You know what's best for me coz you hold my destiny



J S Lynch, S Meade, V Lynch

Lead Vocal - Semele Meade

Backing Vocals- V9 Collective

Rhodes - Niji Adeleye 

Organ - Niji Adeleye

Bass Guitar - J.Samuel Lynch

Guitars - Michael 'The Prophet' Brown

Drums - Courtney Daniel

Percussion - Robert 'Skins' Anderson

Saxophone - Andre 'SaxMan' Brown

Vocal Arrangements - S Meade, V Lynch, J S Lynch

Musical Arrangements - J S Lynch

Recorded at 8th Tone Recording Studios & Brookdale Studios

Engineered By J.Samuel Lynch & Ayo Oyerinde

Mixed By Marcus Johnson

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