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This world, planet Earth

Made in 6 days and everything was great

God took a breather, took a break

And gave us space to enjoy each day

But since then, where did we go wrong?

Evil and corruption seem to be the song

That this world sings as we spin

Round and round and down and down and down


What's happened to our world?

Where have we gone wrong?

What's happened to our world?

Where's the love gone?


Lies, deceit, all kinds of trickery

Hate and greed while kids walk on our streets with no direction

Shouldn't we be the ones to lead?

You bling down to you shoes while some people have no food

Selfishness rules our nation, we live in deprivation

Yet we call this civilisation

Tell me, tell me



Can we love a little more?

Can we give a little more?

If we share a little more

We'll make peace instead of war

Can we sing a song of love?

Think of all instead of one?

Maybe things would change



J S Lynch, T Lynch

Lead Vocals - Vernetta Lynch

 Backing Vocals - V9 Collective

Spoken Word - Sharone Maria Benjamin 

Bass Guitar - J.Samuel Lynch

Keyboards - Emmanuel Waldron

Guitars - Michael 'The Prophet' Brown

Drum Programming - J.Samuel Lynch

Additional Programming - J.Samuel Lynch

Vocal Arrangements - T Lynch, J S Lynch

Musical Arrangements - J S Lynch

Recorded at 8th Tone Recording Studios & Brookdale Studios

Engineered By J.Samuel Lynch

Mixed By J.Samuel Lynch

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