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People always say that love ain't got no power

They say that love ain't got no right in heart

All they do is hate on one another

But I'm here to let you know

Your love is power



Power, your love is power

Power, your love is power



What would we do without no loving?

Love's patience, kindness and mercy to surround

How could we live in a loveless nation?

We wouldn't make it through life's trials and tribulations

All you need is



Let us learn to express God's love

Loving one another as we love ourselves

The purest, truest love someone can give

A little love can really go a long way, a long way


J S Lynch, S Meade, V Lynch

Lead Vocals - Ruth Waldron, Semele Meade

Backing Vocals - V9 Collective

Bass Guitar - J.Samuel Lynch

Keyboards - J.Samuel Lynch

Strings - J.Samuel Lynch

Percussions - Karlos Edwards

Drum Programming - J.Samuel Lynch

Guitar Sample - LCGC 'Magic' From album 'Out Of Many, One Voice'

Vocal Arrangements-S Meade, J S Lynch, V Lynch

Music Arrangements - JS Lynch

Recorded at 8th tone Recording Studios & Brookdale Studios

Engineered By J.Samuel Lynch & Ayo Oyerinde

Mixed By Nathaniel Ledwidge

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