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Big smiles don't always mean that life is looking fine

But with big dreams and little means it makes peace harder to find

But if I could I'd take some time and break it down for real

And tell you how this amazing love is what keeps changing me


I really wanna testify I've got to let you know

How my Father changed my life and He made me whole

My broken heart was sore I cried 'most every day

I cried unto the Lord in prayer and He answered prayer


He healed my broken heart

(I've got to testify)

And He gave me a brand new start

(I've got to testify)

He provides  my every need

(I've got to testify)

And He gave salvation now I'm free

(Iv'e got to testify)


God is so amazing He shows me every day

I wake up in the morning and thank Him for His grace

My flesh had me bound, I had to break free

Now I walk in faith, He gives me victory

God of the second chance, He wipes my slate clean

Now the enemy can't get the best of me



So listen up let me testify of what my God has done

He took me in and showed me love and turned my life around

I wanna give Him all the praise for what He's done for me 

Can't keep it to myself coz he's set me free




J S Lynch, T Lynch, R Waldron, S Meade, V Lynch

Lead Vocals - Tula, Ruth, Semele, Vernetta 

Backing Vocals - V9 Collective

Keyboards - J.Samuel Lynch

Bass Guitar - J.Samuel Lynch

Guitars - Wesley Muoria-Chaves

Drum Programming - J.Samuel Lynch

Music Arrangements - J S Lynch

Vocal Arrangements - V9 Collective

Recorded at 8th Tone Recording Studios & Brookdale Studios

Engineered By J.Samuel Lynch

Mixed By Nathaniel Ledwidge 

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